Paper session 5 – University of Copenhagen

Paper session  5

Wednesday 27th of January 13:30 – 15:00

Auditorium C
Urban Governance, planning and service management (II)

Aristide Yemmafouo, Chrétien Ngouanet et al.:

Service access strategies in urban low income communities: between the procrastination of public authority action and unsustainable initiatives of city dwellers in Douala and Bafoussam, Cameroon

Ebenezer F. Amankwaa:

(Un)equal burden of poverty: Water and electricity access and the evolving household economies of poor urban communities in Accra, Ghana

Ally Namangaya, Robert Kiunsi et al.:

Influence of service provision on intra urban mobility and spatial development patters

Auditorium B
Rural livelihood dynamics and small town development (II)

Jonathan David Baker:

Connectivity, administrative upgrading and livelihood changes in a small town: the case of Bora in north-eastern Ethiopia

Inês Macamo Raimundo:

Migration dynamics in environmental hazards affected areas of Gaza province

François Bart:

“The urban dynamics of a rural region in Moshi, Tanzania: a “rurban” continuum?

Auditorium A
Agricultural value chain dynamics and urbanisation (II)

Hany Abo-El-Wafa and Stephan Pauleit:

Urban spatial scenario modelling to analyse the impact of urban growth on peri-urban agriculture in the region of Addis Ababa

Fulgence Mishili et al.:

Rural-Urban connection and mobility: Does Food value chain matter?

Shackleton, Schlesinger and Drescher:
Use of wild biological resources along rurban gradients of mid-sized African towns