Paper session 6 – University of Copenhagen

Paper session  6

Thursday 28th of January 9:45 – 11:45

Auditorium A
Changing land investment practices

Adriana Blanche and Joseph John Lukumay:

Foreign investments in land and local livelihood transformations and changes in Tanzania

Rey Pascal:

Rethinking regional management and urban-rural linkages in the West African mining context

Frederik Brønd and Niels Fold:

Small scale land grabbing - External investment in agricultural land in Ghana

Martin Kuete:

Actors of rural development, production systems, socio-economic changes and new forms of rural-urban relations in Cameroon

Auditorium B
Rural-urban co-development

Torben Birch-Thomsen and Sinne Ørtenblad:

Livelihood transformations in the context of changing rural-urban connections

Ine Cottyn and Gery Nijenhuis:

Making a living between places: the role of mobility in livelihood practices in the Rwandan rural urban interface

Griet Steel et al.:

Mobility and livelihood transformations of households in rural Cameroon, Ghana, Rwanda and Tanzania

Bernard Charlery de la Masselière et al.:

New rural-urban linkages in Africa: continuity or breakdown in the spatial model of development? The case of the Kilimanjaro Region, Tanzania