Paper session 4 – University of Copenhagen

Paper session  4

Wednesday 27th of January 9:45 – 11:15

Auditorium C
Urban Governance, planning and service management (I)

Manja Hoppe-Andreasen and Lasse Møller- Jensen:

Beyond the networks: Service provision and infrastructure development in peripheral settlements of Dar es Salaam

Timothy O. Ajayi et al.:

Sustainable Urbanization (SDG) through water reuse; the situation in the urban city of Lagos, Nigeria

Ian Smout, et al.:

Strategies for coping with poor services in low-income communities of African cities

Auditorium B
Rural livelihood dynamics and small town development (I)

Cristina Udelsmann Rodrigues:

New rural urban sites in Angola and Mozambique: theoretical and methodological approaches

Evelyne Lazaro, et al.:

Agricultural value chains: Dynamics of Emerging Urban Centres in Tanzania

Karen Büscher:

Conflict, displacement and small town development in Eastern D.R. Congo

Auditorium A
Agricultural value chain dynamics and urbanisation (I)

Hanna Karg et al.:

Rural-urban market connections in Northern Ghana

Thomas Allen:

Changes in the West African Agro-Food Value Chains - Urbanisation, market and consumption

Frederik Brønd, Niels Fold, et al.:

Agricultural transformation and socio-economic dynamics in rural areas - impacts on rural-urban connections