Paper session 1 – University of Copenhagen

Paper session 1

Tuesday 26th of January 11:45 – 12:45

Auditorium A
Poverty reduction and local rural and urban development (I)

Lukelo Msese:

Economic importance of migration and mobility on poverty reduction

Maurice Tsalefac /presented by Martin Kuete:

Mobility and livelihood transformation in the Western and the Littoral region of Cameroon

Auditorium  C
Transnational connections (I)

Sylvain Racaud and Charles Raphael:

Circulations of Chinese Products, Street Grabbing and Booming Market Places: Linking Villages and Cities in Tanzania

Kristine Juul:

“The crisis has changed people’s lives”: West African migrants between agricultural exploitation and homelessness

Auditorium B
Rural and urban mobilities (I)

Christian Ungruhe:

Beyond “Waithood”: Youth mobilities and the meaning of rural-urban connections in Ghana

James Esson, et al.:

Livelihoods in motion - linking mobility, transport and income-generating activities in Accra