Paper session 2 – University of Copenhagen

Paper session 2

Tuesday 26th of January 13:30 – 15:00

Auditorium A
Poverty reduction and local rural and urban development (II)

Ambe J. Njoh:

Socio-economic development implications of urbanization in Africa

Leo de Haan:

Urbanization, Inequality and Social Protection in Africa: an itinerary for livelihood research

Stig Jensen:

Can growig ecotourism create new opportunities for rural livelihood?

Auditorium C
Transnational connections (II)

Abdul Alim Habib:

Rethinking rural-urban nexus in Africa: evidence from Ghana

Eric Hahonou:

Trade and travel. The cross border migrations of nomadic fishermen of the Niger River

Martin Kuete:

Camoreeonian diaspora, local development projects and spatial reconfiguration: the case of West Cameroon

Auditorium B
Rural and urban mobilities (II)

Helene Mainet:

Urban citizens in their networks: urban-rural mobility and households’ strategies in Cameroon

Olivier Ninot:

The evolutions of transport systems between urban and rural areas in SSA: increasing accessibility and more differentiations

Katherine Gough, et al.:

City dynamics in sub-Saharan Africa: mobility and livelihoods of urban residents