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17 September 2013

Second Rurban Africa Workshop

From the 6th to the 9th July 2013

the RurbanAfrica research team met for the second RurbanAfrica workshop at Skovskolen, Nødebo north of Copenhagen. In all 50 researchers from the partner countries participated in the workshop.

The aim of the workshop was to take stock of the state-of-the-art reports while developing a common approach to empirical investigations. Thus, each work package was discussing the criteria for selection of field sites, methodologies and fieldwork designs. It was four days of hard work, interesting discussions, sunshine, good food and not the least great results.

All four workpackages has now selected research sites, divided researchers between the four research countries and initiated the work towards a common methodology. The first fieldworks will be commenced in the coming months and all fieldwork is expected to be finalized by August 2014. During the Spring 2014 we plan for posting at this site news from the field.

RurbanAfrica PhD. Methodology course

Following the RurbanAfrica workshop 10 PhD. students participated in a four days (10th to 13th July 2013) methodology course arranged by the RurbanAfrica team at the University of Copenhagen and drawing on the expertise from the RurbanAfrica participants: Sue Parnell, Owen Crankshaw, David Simon, Leo de Haan, Jytte Agergaard and Martin Prowse.

The Phd. students presented and discussed their research projects and methodology. All benefited greatly from feedback from the other PhD. students and the RurbanAfrica participants. But the course was also instrumental in establishing important academic links and plans for collaboration between the PhD students.

Apart from the more official part of the course, there was also time to get to know each other, establish networks and enjoy life.

The RurbanAfrica team at the University of Copenhagen wishes to thank all participants for a great workshop and PhD.-course.