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RurbanAfrica - African Rural-City Connections

The overall objective of the African Rural-City Connections (RurbanAfrica) project is to explore the connections between rural transformations, mobility, and urbanization processes and analyze how these contribute to an understanding of the scale, nature and location of poverty in sub-Saharan Africa. The RurbanAfrica project is advancing the research agenda on rural-city connections in sub-Saharan Africa by addressing a range of crucial components: agricultural transformations, rural livelihoods, city dynamics, and access to services in cities.

In this respect the project challenges a number of generally accepted ‘truths’ about rural and city development, and the importance and implication of migration in shaping these. It thereby questions the overall negative interpretations of the economic role of rural-urban mobility and migration in sub-Saharan Africa and generates new insights into the relationship between rural-city connections and poverty dynamics.

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