Research team

The RurbanAfrica consortium is a diverse and truly interdisciplinary group of institutions and researchers, all of which are needed for addressing the complexities of the RurbanAfrica research objectives. The selection of partners has been based on scientific merits, experiences with development advisory, and abilities to carry out international collaboration, and builds on already well-established academic networks between the African and European partners. The WP leaders and country coordinators have prior experience in international scientific endeavours. The partners complement each other both in terms of scientific and field-based experiences while at the same time there is sufficient overlap in approaches to facilitate the collaboration across work packages.

University of Copenhagen, Department of Geography and Geology, Denmark

Jytte Agergaard, Project Coordinator, Work Package 6 leader (
Niels Fold, Work Package 1 leader (
Lasse Møller Jensen (
Ole Mertz (
Torben Birch-Thomsen (
Manja Hoppe Andreasen (

Utrecht University, Netherlands

Paul van Lindert, Work Package 2 leader (
Gery Nijenhuis (
Guus van Westen (
Annelies Zoomers (
Ine Cottyn (

Loughborough University, England Department of Geography

Kathrine Gough, Work Package 3 leader (
James Esson (
Emma Broadbent (

Department of Civil and Building Engineering, Water Engineering and Development Centre

Ian smout, Work Package 4 leader (
Andrew Cotton (
Kevin Sansom (
Julie Fisher (

The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), England

Cecilia Tacoli, Work Package 5 leader (
Gordon McGranahan (

Université Toulouse II Le Mirail, France

Bernard Charlery De La Masselière (
Jean-Luis Chalèard (
Helene Mainet (
Francois Bart (
Oliver Ninot (
Joseph Lukumay (


Rémi Benos (
Jean-Charles Edouard (
Nicolas Lemoigne (
Evelyne Mesclier (
Jeremy Pasini (
Bénédicte Thibaud (
Laurien Uwizeyimana (

National University of Rwanda, Rwanda 

Emmanuel Twarabamenye, Country Coordinator Rwanda (
Dieudonnee Muhoza Sokoine

University of Agriculture, Tanzania

Evelyne A. Lazaro, Country Coordinator Tanzania (
Fulgence J. Mishili (
Lukelo Roden Msese (

University of Dschang, Cameroun

Martin Kuete, Country Coordinator Cameroun (
Maurice Tsalefac (
Chrétien Ngouanet (
Aristide Yemmafouo (

University of Ghana, Ghana

Paul W.K. Yankson, Country Coordinator Ghana (
George Owusu (
Robert Darko Osei (
Martin Oteng-Ababio (
Ebenezer Forkuo Amankwaa (